Ropotamo river

Ropotamo river is one of the most beautiful places situated on the Bulgarian seaside. The river hides extremely rich flora and fauna, as well as breathtaking sights. There are a lot of tales about it since ancient times. The Estuary of the river is the place where the sweet waters go into the salty sea. There the beach is wild and untouched, it is only accessible by boat.

“Saint Anastasia” island

“Saint Anastasia” is a volcanic island and the only island in Bulgaria where people live. It is famous with its oddly shaped rocks, shaped by storms and fierce waves, with names such as “The Mushroom”, “The Dragon”, “The petrified pirate ship”. The piece of land is located at just 10 nautical miles’ from Sozopol, and it is situated between the capes of “Chukalya” and “Atia”

“Saint Ivan” island

“Saint Ivan” is the biggest Bulgarian island. Its highest point goes up to 33 meters above sea level. Near “Saint Ivan” is located another island – the much smaller in size island of “Saint Peter”. On “Saint Ivan” island there is a lighthouse which is 9 meters in height. It sends out sound and light signals to incoming ships in order to guide them to the port in Burgas.

The island was a sacred place for the ancient Thracians who built a sanctuary there in the VII century BCE. In the early middle ages a large monastery was built on the island, but in the year 1629 it was destroyed by forces from the Ottoman Empire. Through the years, the island has been used by pirates roaming the Black Sea.

The island is also home to a large number of bird species. On “Saint Ivan” and the nearby “Saint Peter” there are registered more than 70 types of birds. “Saint Ivan” is the home of the biggest population of the silver seagull – “Larus Argentatus”

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